Without A Dad

Beautiful child

All alone

Confidence, none

Self-esteem, gone

Self worth never known


Beautiful girl

Hazel green eyes

All alone

But still strong

Though not strong enough

To fight away the demons

that come to destroy you

in the form of man




Daddy, oh Daddy

She cries for you

You know

She needs your

shoulders to lean on

Someone to fight the big bad

wolves of her young world


Daddy, oh Daddy

She longs for you

Cries at night with

needing you

She needs a daddy

She needs your love


Beautiful woman

Beauty inside, and out

Kind and generous

A loving mother

so she's told

Still cries for her daddy

You know


Beautiful daughter

Who needs a father

But he doesn't know

She's been tossed about

Abused in so many ways

Cries out

Father where are you


Father, oh Father

You have another daughter

She's your first

Remember her?

Where have you been

She loves you still


Father, oh Father

Where have you been

She may be grown

But she has wounds

you've never known

Bruises in the heart that

a father is needed to mend

It's not to late to be her daddy


Father, Daughter

They look so alike

Unmistakeable resemblance

This daughter needs her father

For once, for always


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This is an actual peom i wrote about myself, i hope you enjoy it!

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