Within Her Eyes I Saw the Stars

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 22:49 -- mkeefer

 I lie upon the grass,

And rhapsodize what has come to pass,

And I ask of thee so pleasantly,

Lying presently abreast of me,

Why is it you so seek my company?


And you looked upon my face,

And gazed into the place most deep reserved within,

And begin did thee to tell me why,

You lay so tacitly by my side


Because I like the way you talk, said she,

The way you so gently speak to me,

And wipe the tears upon my cheek,

And hold me, crying, lying, weak,

And never seek do I your care,

For you, my love, are always there


Because I like the way you look, said thee,

You gaze upon the world and see all that shines,

Your fine mind that insatiably seeks such simple shapes,

And sees them sing such sanative songs so sweetly,

and then does sing them to me too


Because I like the way you smile,

If for only a while, it makes me feel,

Like nothing else is real but you and me,

And see the brightest light within my life,

Which so lucidly lies and clouds my eyes with unfounded fears,

My dear, your smile makes them clear


Because I like the way you love me,

The way you guilelessly guide me,

And hold my hand as best you can and won't let go,

And that you know without you I would be a mess,

Lest possess the will to live,

And so you graciously give your love to me,

And for these reasons, I love thee


So I sat and a moment stared,

And about nothing else more I cared,

Than to gaze upon thee,

And watch you gaze upon me,

And in that moment within her eyes,

I saw the stars,

The light which I in their beauty reveled,

And nestled you into my arms and kissed your head and said,


I like the way you talk,

Because you always make me smile,

I like the way you look,

Because you make the boring seem worthwhile,

I like the way you smile,

Because I owe my happiness to you,

I like the way you love me too,

Because I will always be in love with you


And it is for the reason that I love thee,

That life is beautiful and grand,

As long as you stand beside me,

And let me hold your hand


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