The poor child groaned 
while his mother moaned 
''Ah, he's possessed,
Oh, he's been bewitched'', 
Superstition bemoaned. 
To the witchdoctor she sped 
and was back with murky potions 
such yucky stinky lotions 
Those mythical concoctions 
The woman obeyed the wily witchdoctor 
Placed belief in that traditional healer 
and the poor child still groaned 
but his mama no longer moaned 
After two days of tribal treatment 
and no lessening of predicament 
she thought he needed something more potent 
When all it turned out to be was a toothache dent! 
But she would hear of no dentist 
Like all quacks her witchdoctor had fooled her five senses 
For his spells and his chants 
held her too in a trance 
Quite a weird weirdo is he 
Beware the medicine- man! 
The devious cunning shaman  
Beware that vodoo magic and witchcraft 
That so survive on the gullible and the daft.

Yet I was warned to be wary of pharmaceuticals too
They can be harmful chemicals in the long run for you



I really like the words you use- and the rhyming is amazing! 


Warm thanx for nice feedback.


This is really unique and a neat way to make a long time issue into something entertaining yet impactful! 


Warm thank for getting both message and entertainment from it.

ValanThia VV

Wow.. Loved it especially the warnings .. I applaud you .. keep it up 


Warm thanks dear for appreciating the poem


Love the playful, yet honest way you handled this matter. Check out a piece I posted called Gluten Free, a little poem with a message


Tanks again. Yeah my poetry can be light, playful or even serious. Gluten free must be fun to read.

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