A Wishful Embrace

strained alone on one of God's many
 beautiful islands away from the rest
of the world. I know not how, I know not when,
 but most of all I know not why
but I am here. Was it destined,
was I fated it to be stripped from society
if so why do I find myself with nothing but contempt,
 fear, agony, but the strangest thing...a book
filled the words of thoughts of my beloved one.
Do I dare go one, survive and live, or do I be human
and accept my fate and wait for death.
Its not the question not the choice the keeps me from the cold chill
of death but instead the words inside the book
 but to my surprise inside the book was the necklace she gave me
it bared a new inscription "live". Fire blazed in my eyes and I stood high
not for myself and not even just for her but her our child.

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