Wish You Were Here


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I landed in the jungle

Full of thickets and insects

Nine months ago with just the shirt on my back

In my past life i was a

House pet

Lazy, fed, and pampered

It took nothing from me to lose everything

what are a few frills when my hands can can kill

when my eyes can gather

and my harvest can fill

Yet, while I've found my health and a way to sustain

My soul is eager to see my sister again

Had she been with me

I might not have crashed here

If she was with me now

I might not have become a

Savage Beast

Or maybe not as quickly at least

Kate always made me want to be better

To do the right thing

People called her a saint

Her influence kept me contained

But not like when others tried to control me

They tried to keep me chained

If she was here with me, then I could feel shame

Sometimes I see shadows saunter in the sunlight

On the horizon, I see something shimmering

It must be her

My big sister has come to save me

As she has done so many times before

But the hot haze breaks apart, the skyline clears and 

I see the shimmers no more

How i miss her encouragement

Her concerned temperament

If she was here with me, I might not feel so drained

She is looking for me

I am sure of it

They would have pronounced me dead many months ago

But I can feel her searching

Her blood flows through my veins

I know she is out there

So i have to maintain

I wish you were here, Kate, to help keep me sane.





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My family
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