A Wish To Rock on the Porch

I wonder...

I wonder if I'll leave this bed; walking again by myself.

If I'll take hands of the one I love and be sworn to new life with a ring.

If I'll hold new life in my arms, feel my body's gift hold my finger.

I wonder if I'll have the chance to drive my family to school, 

to watch as I live my life for the life I've created.

If I'll see the world, and inhale new cultures.

I wonder if I'll see my own live their lives,

and how much joy it will bring.


I see myself rocking on the porch, grayed.

I see grandchildren and dogs and smiling faces.

I am there and alive, I have no tubes or medicines.

I am living the life as I hoped, 


I open my eyes to machines and white walls, 

I see mom asleep in the corner and I wonder if she imagined her baby

where I am now...

I bet she thought she'd rock away and lookout to see her healty kids, and their healthy kids.

It makes me think about my chances of rocking there too...


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