Wiser Than the Wider Known

Getting bigger
Growing up
Getting smarter
These don't always go hand in hand

I had to grow up
Faster than I was growing
I should have been 10 feet tall
But I was just 10
Too wise to be backed into a corner again

There's something sad about knowing
Seeing what others don't
It makes you different
Different makes you alone

Good for me though
I like being alone
Why interact
With the dull majority

I have embraced my different
Knowing I can use it to make a difference
I have my perspective
I am wise

I am all grown up
In my growing body
I was never anyone's girl
I am my own man

I'll take my T
With my tea
And I do not sympathize
With the perspective of my enemy

I have my perspective
Alone as it once felt
In my knowledge I am free
My body is growing into me.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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