Winter's Gloom

The flurry of frozen fractals

Shatteered remains of my subconscious

Such a buoyant, bright element

Holds so much regret, pain

Drifting down,

Falling to the ground.

My mind piece by piece,

Slowly falling

Coating the earth in a soft, white blanket.

So pure, so clean

The bliss of innocence

The pain,

Will tarnish the white, fine powder.

My volition disappearing along with the mocking, reflective ice

My reflection disheveled, weak

The uncertaity caused by my own ambiguous thought reder me desperate.

Making futile attempts to reclaim control.

Winter is ending

Fine powder becomes murky water

Murky water evaporates 


The restoration of sun


Restore my mind

The bittersweet cycle of tearing myself apart and building myself up is inevitable...

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