Winter is Coming

Fall down.... Get up
Fall down.... Get up
Fall down.... Get up

We will not fall down again
We will not turn colors again
We will not live again

You will fall down again
You will turn colors again
You're right, you will not live again

Why are you treating us this way
Why don't we live like you
Why can't we just be free

Don't accuse me of treating you wrong
Don't ask me about your life
Don't be crazy, you are free

Who are we to blame
Who gives us life
Who says we're free

Blame mother nature
She gives you life
And the kids show you your freedom

She could've given us a better life
The kids just throw us around 
So the adults can stomp on us

You fools don't understand
I get pissed on daily
I also sit here all day and observe

What do we not understand
We get pissed on as well
But we do not sit still

Your life span cheer the people of the world
Your color change gives life to the scenery
You are why we have seasons

Okay, so we do bring cheer upon lives of people
The end of our lives do have a pretty color
Who cares about seasons though

People care you dummy
It show them that it's time for school and holidays like Thanksgiving
And prepares them for Winter

Winter!!!!! No, that's when we really die
Why did you say Winter
We want to live long like you

Yes, Winter needs you
I need you
The world needs you
The people need you

But we want life
Is that too much to ask for
Is that selfish of us

Yes, we need you to fall
We need you to put smiles on the kids faces
We need to know when the seasons change

Fall.... Stay down
Fall.... Stay down
Fall.... Stay down


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