Fuck this shit I'm winning
Excuse me 
Pardon my beginning 
So ecstatic 
About the erratic 
Accomplishments god has given 
And the time and will 
I have put in while living 
Is compared to the will of a prey 
Struggling to survive 
On they're last day of life 
They will breath no life 
I've put in blood, sweat, and tears
And have dominated fears 
Darkness has blinded me 
And also closed my ears 
Only To hear 
I am the greatest 
The best ever 
Not knowing any better 
That Being conceded is like selling your soul 
For gold the weight of a feather 
Pardon the weather 
My storm is upon us 
The darkness of the clouds 
Has come to dawn on us 
It's has come to look 
Us in the eyes
And frown on us 
An a simple message 
To say were pawns to us
Guided by imaginary kings 
Just to look down on us
And command and scream 
To run our lives 
As if we can't dream 
And if we can't dream 
Were nothing special To be seen 
More like a blank page 
A ball of clay 
Unmolded by the irrelevant
thoughts of a slave 


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