And all the bones they carried
Became too heavy of a burden
With every sunrise it haunted them
Daunted them
Taunted them
And all the souls they carried
Became light as the wind 
With every sunset it frightened them
Enlightened them
Tightened them
And the floor beneath them began to crumble
It planted them into oblivion
It plunged them to nowhere, for there was nothing to sink in 
And the birds became hush
The winds had seized 
There, upon a great bridge 
The silhouette of life, moved with the night 
It's eyes had met mine, yet we didn't see each other
Somehow I knew, they wanted to grow wings
But how could I help them fly
If they only wanted to fall
And suddenly the world around them
Was no longer a world at all
This poem is about: 
Our world


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