Wingless Bird

     Wandering, wandering, wandering down endless hallways through empty rooms. Each step I take makes an echo throughout the walls. Afraid to speak afraid to break the silence. Trapped in a cage, feathers fall to the floor. I am a bird. A bird with no wings. Although there is no need for wings when there is no freedom, nowhere to go. I realize I am not afraid to break the silence. I am afraid to speak stolen words that have already been spoken. Shhh! Someone will hear! Although there is no one to listen. I am a criminal. A criminal with no real crimes. Wires cut my legs as I climb the fences to escape the prison. Freedom at last! I breath the freedom into my lungs. I grow my wings and fly to reality. I will meet with my wandering mind at my pillow beneath my eyelids every night. I am free, lost in my dreams. The wind cold as ice chills the back of my neck as I pass through the night. I am free. I know this for sure eventually we all will. Fingers numb holding ice the cold leaking through my skin deep into my bones. White snow blankets the ground. Children play below. Unaware that I am no longer hollow. Happiness floods my heart like music fills a room.
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