Windows to His Soul


I walked in the room nervous and dazed

To find him staring at me awed and amazed

Eyes black as night, skin white as snow

Who was this boy? I had to know.


His innocent eyes tell stories

Of all his fears and worries,

All the things he’d rather not say

Written in his eyes, as bright as day.


 He acts like he’s already a man

In reality, it’s all a sham

To me it’s crystal clear

Because the child in his heart is all I hear.


It tells me he’s scared and alone

That he’s lost, and has nowhere to go

But he toughens up and refuses to feel

Numbs himself until he begins to reel.


Try my best to help him up

Show him how to fill his cup

Just when I think I have it under control

He sinks deeper into that hole.


Father, I’m lost; I do not know what to do

You’re my only hope so I’m turning to You

Please help this child who’s gone astray

Be his beacon, and show him the way.


Be his shelter, give him rest

When he’s worried and distressed

Please Dear Father make a vow

To love him like only You know how!


Father teach him how to pray,

Make him stronger every day

Help him haul himself out of that hole

And open the windows to his soul.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is an inside look at a kid needing help.

Doesnt matter what color, what matters is getting him help.

This poem is the call for all to step up, help our kids

don't look the other way, do something.

Make a difference, be proactive, be a voice for the youth of our nation.

Thank you, super poem. 

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