I stare out the window and see that there is no longer rain
But the dark black clouds have not gone anywhere, they remain
I wonder why I still look out the window; it just brings me to tears
I should accept that it is over because it has been two years
But something in my heart just refuses to let me, let you go
There are so many things I wish I would have told you and let you know
Like how much I really needed you in my life to hold me at night
And how I am so sorry that I always kept silent when we would fight
I never wanted to talk about our problems, I would just walk away
I always thought I would have second chances and you would stay
Now I just hold the regret whenever I look outside the window
I still wear the ring you gave me even though, I am now a widow
That night has never left my mind; I can still see the look on your face
How you begged me to sit down and talk to you about a misunderstanding
But I kicked you out and left you in the middle of the street standing
Yelling at you from the opened window, throwing things at you as you duck
I wasn’t in my right mind, or in the right time because I never seen the truck
I just saw you in air and then tumble laying face down on the ground
Next thing I know a lot of people and cops piled all around
It wasn’t until we got to the hospital that you were pronounced dead
My heart sank into my stomach and that’s when I lost my head
I relive that moment when I look out the window and ask myself why
Why didn’t I just listen to what you had to say, you never would lie
What killed me was when I was at your funeral and talked to your brother
And he pointed out that lady in your hotel room was just your mother


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