Wind Me Down

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 18:26 -- Msillah

To Wind Me Down

Is to judge me like a book

Flip through my pages

And leave a recommendation


Pages filled with anger

Angry enough to turn yellow

Yellowing with time

Time that isn't mine


To Wind Me Down

Is to read me like a poem

Twist your face in confusion

As I distort a strange illusion


Confusion of language

Language that leaves a bitter taste

Taste that lasts too long

Long and going strong


To Wind Me Down

Is to defeat the Ender Dragon

Take back the egg

Only to see the ending credits instead


Eggcellent game mechanics

Mechanics that speak to the player

Players only understand

Understand the textures of the land


To Wind Me Down

Is to leave me alone

Because a mind in solitude

Resolves my attitude


Solitude wrapped with books

Books and poems

Poems and Minecraft

"Haha." Finally, I have laughed


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Feel free to write any comment or constructive critism for my first poem on this site. Thanks for reading.


This poem is very creative and I like the rhyme scheme too it's so challenging I really like it.



Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. I don't know where the rhyme scheme came from, but it's there and I like it. So thanks for the compliment. :-P

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