Into the Wind


I look over the edge, wondering where i've gone. I look up at the mountain i've climbing, how did this take so long?  I built my life on goals, and advancing to a newer plane. Instead of enjoying every season and moment I hid from them all and relied only on my brain. 

My heart became weak, logic overtook my compassion. It was then i realised i was only a fraction. Just  A piece of the boy I had left behind,he saw the change into a man who only wanted to rewind the time he spent and could've lent to those who truly valued it. 

In that very moment I no longer saw the mountain, i saw something worth more. A new opportunity to live, and all the people within my soul to live for. The sky was blue and the sun returned. It's rays healed the pain within. 

It was then. I felt better than ever,  I lept into the wind. 

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