The Willow Tree

Into the darkness

Into the depth

Under the willow tree

A little girl wept, she wept a storm

With gale-force winds like breeze


Sobs and streams of tears abound, drenched the forest floor

Other than she there was no sound, the calm before the storm


Waterfalls run and oceans form, a storm is on the verge

She holds on tight againt the storm but now it's a hurricane

Though valiance and courage she was no match for the storm of gods was here

and the winds ripped her away...

into the darkness

into the depth

who knows where she may be


The willow tree is left alone, damaged, numb, & bleak

Alone in sadness

Alone to die

Alone in misery

This poem is about: 



This poem was written when I was going through a rough patch in my life and had contemplatted scucide. It is supposed to represent how when a person chooses to kill themselves that they can end up hurting those that care for them and watch over them like the willow tree watched over the girl.

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