Willing to Change

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 12:47 -- 62174


I am but a boy

As normal as a polka-dotted tree

One may see me as odd

Though there's nothing wrong with me


Yet if you ask some schools

How to handle a boy such as I

They cry: "Ship him off! Arrest Him!

I care not if he were to cry!"


One might say this doesn't happen

But I assure you: it is true

Just ask those who are like me

Those subject to such rancor!


How common it is!

Few desire to help

Simply because we're different

Because people fear those whom they do not understand


504's and IEP's all exist

That's all good and well

So why, then, are we who are different

Subjected to such a hell?


Now I ask those schools:

Are you willing to change?

Would you take a leap of faith?

Not to destroy, but to save?


What a help it would be

If a teacher were to work one on one

Make a better effort, give more time

Get to know the student more?


As Theodore Roosevelt once said:

"No one cares how much you know

Until they know how much you care."

T'would be grand if this thought weren't so rare!


Don't ignore, don't push away

Don't try to make normal, either

Encourage! Put your heart to it!

T'is a worthy endeavor!


I ask all again:

Are you willing to change?

Will you stand up for those in need?

Or will you let them fade away?


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