Will You Wait For Me?


I will never say goodbye

You are now free from all the pain

And the suffering has come to an end

I am happy for you

You get to be with God

Will you wait for me?

Im proud to call you my Dad and my best friend

The doctors told us this was the end

I still remember the last time I held your hand

I told you, that you were my hero and that I loved you so much

Will you wait for me?

I answered my phone early the next morning

And I heard Mom say that you had taken your final breath early that day

My world came to a stop that cold Tuesday morning

Thank you Dad for loving me my whole life

The greatest gift God gave me was you

It's difficult to let you go, but this temporary seperation is necessary

So I can be with you again someday

I must return the greatest gift god gave me

I will wait for you Daddy

Will you wait for me?


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