Will You Rise Again?


Your goodness reflected in my eyes

When you began to rise

Soul reflected across the sky

I knew there my heart would lie.

Beautiful yellow and blue colors,

Warming me like electric covers.

So inexplicably sublime

There was no sense of time


You took my heart from prison,

By the time you had risen.

You warmed my skin and my soul,

And you made me whole.


A couple clouds here and there

But otherwise weather was fair

Perfection and happiness in our bond

The day was to last forever and beyond


Above me you reached the peak

Then the darkness began to sneak

I questioned your flames

So black was on my blame

I shot you down from the sky

A bright flash, it thundered a cry

The dark, like a disease, spread

Slowly seeping out of my head

Out of the domain of fear

And it left us alone here


You crashed to the earth

Being swallowed by its girth

I ran towards the edge to catch you

Endless, the horizon just grew

Your light was ceased, simple doom

We each lay in our tomb


I am left gutted, empty, a shell

Frozen, numb, dead in hell


I have a dead woman’s eyes

Without the gleam of the sunrise

I have a dead women’s heart

Hollowed out in a murderous art

The nightingale doesn’t sing anymore

Its hope choked on the horizon’s shore

My eyes roll back into my head

To watch the memories of the dead


Will you rise again?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful , but sad poem

very emotionally vulnerable i sense in this poem

at the same time, give yourself that chance to find that inspiration

that will give you that drive to achieve much more as well as reasons to live

keep writing

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