Will you be mine?

I have my flaws i don't follow all the laws I may look fine but without you even happiness is a crime
So will you be mine?
As when I'm with you everything is perfectly fine
Your slightest smile makes my world shine
And holding you in my arms is the only wish in my mind
So will you be mine?
Mending these flaws of mine
Loving me back as we spend our time
Gazing into your eyes
As we spend our time
So will you be mine?
Even when I look old
And you still look young, oh lover of mine
Will you be mine?
I know without me you might be fine
But will you give me this chance my Valentine
As I promise you love you more than anyone until the time I die
And even in my death I want you to smile
As that is what keeps me going on in life
So will you be mine?
As I promise you keep you happy at every step in our life
So will you be mine?
As I already consider your future as if something that coincides with mine
So will you be mine?
As we move forward in life
Transforming the life that was fine
Into something perfectly Divine
I am already yours darling
So Will you be mine?

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