The Will to Overcome

       Blinded by worldly possessions and being taken advantage of. I allowed my soul to be  corrupt with bitterness. Ignoring my blessings with selfish intentions for tomorrow's thoughts. When I am nothing but a mist in the twilight of the morning, then I will vanish as the sun sprouts from behind the clouds with its array of light.

    As the seconds turn into minutes and the time accumulates to days, I find myself deliberating my fall from grace. Now, I glance around at a o place that makes the aura feel as if I’m a caged animal. Confined to this institution that only seeks to break me mentally so that it may tame, train, and possess the ability to command me with no intentions of defiance. Isolating me like Dante in his Inferno.

   Given a number that denounces and degrades my very existence. While my fellow companion and I are cattle being lead to the slaughterhouse. Awaiting my moment to be judged by the eye of my beholder, either I would be granted my  freedom or tossed to the blades of justice for carnage.Where is the mercy for those who seek redemption but is casted away without the empathic discernment of wanting to change their  nature?

    In the moment of judgement people will quickly divert their eyes once they stare upon someone of my caliber. With curled lips and diminishing thoughts they dismiss my potential greatness before even allowing themselves to indulge in the thought of my future prosperity. Never do they take the time to recognize the two factors that enhances a person’s chances at success: 1. Without hardship, one will never  know the satisfaction of true success. 2. Before the refuge, there is always suffering.


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