Will This Ever End?

Will this ever end,

This endless repetition and wasting of time?

Will we ever see life for the wholeness it was meant to be?

Will we ever see the sun rise and smile more joyfully?

Will we ever see life as more than anything but money and lust?

Will we ever see more than what we see in front of our eyes?


Will this ever end,

The prejudice and spite we give on the streets?

The denying interaction because they are not family?

Will we ever see the convict not for their past but for what they have become?

Will we ever truly forgive those who have done us wrong?

Will we ever treat the stranger as if they were a friend?


Will this ever end,

The exclusion of those who have fallen on their knees?

The hate towards those who have made so many mistakes?

Will we ever accept that there is no perfection?

Will we ever stay in our hose with the doors wide open?


Will this hate, the lies, the prejudice,

pack its bag in the human mind,

Will it leave no trace behind?

Will this ever end?


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