Wild Women are Endangered


The trees he slit each bedtime are my limbs. Breathing branches laid to rest.

Spread as a tumor, Man forces lactating yield, across this wielding breast.

A forest mattress, blanketed by timber and pubic hair and seeds of power.  Clear cut.

Man enjoys this farmland now, my bodily territory.  Fruitful for grazing, DDT use inflames toxins within my gut.

A wolf nest, with sprouting eggs and wild berries, is dislodged by GMO corn, soy, wheat.

A natural habitat remodeled, skinned. A razor cuts through my soil surface skin. Hair and fur excrete.

He booms ‘dismantle this ground from nutrients so that patriarchy is sustained.’

Command and control land management holds my wolf intuition chained.

Come exploit my processes for non-necessities and rose vaginal walls collapse.

Utilitarian profit impregnated within dirt, he fracks my flesh through mind maps.

Squares deal out crop and oil plots, continuing the method of an addiction system.

Within this rule, gendered development measurements are projected onto children.

My wild women, undomesticated, are endangered.

Man does not honor our deep pelvic canyons, channels for orgasmic floods, climate climaxes that purify blights; my own children recognize their untamed mother as a stranger.

Now he preserves my parts as pets within an erect home, as dogs, bitches who come when called.

Wolves trained into dogs, this animal liberation movement is stalled.

Civilize, civilize, civilize is a social norm.

Yet when he dresses my sloping hills, raped caverns, blasted peaks, shredded primal fur, with plastic and concrete, he suffocates my call, giving into this patriarchal form. 


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