the wild

from two different terrains, one  hot and one cold,

a small fox, coat bright and bold..a lioness, coat soft and low,

she was fearless, cunning and sweet,

coming from the bitter cold to crossing the sand was no easy feat,

there for him at a moment of respite when at the hands of defeat,

lioness, suited for a king..and this fox what coud she want with such a wounded little thing?

the heat of desire comforted him, the chill of curiosity excites him,

the fear of rejection lingers, ..could such a courtship be true? would it last?,

perfect as she seems, the lioness fears the ways of her past...

doubt swirled around the two as a volatile gas,...

there was no room for hesitation,...

. embraced by temptation,

there was no risk,

only reward,

thus the fox learned a QUEEN makes a king , 

not a mane and a roar.


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