Wikipedia; Me

Myself defined;

distracted by other peoples definition of happiness

while living a life defined by other people

I was

written, erased, re-wrote, RE-DEFINED

by all these foriegn concepts, thoughts, ideas

like happiness, family, and love

all swirling in this ratteled, rotten

brain; diseased by familiar friends, familair faces

like depression, grief, drugs, and despondence

without them, without me

with them, with me

I was not I anymore

when depression, grief, drugs, and despondence

picked me up and dragged me down

after they were done with me

and I floated to the surface

I was a shell, a mind-blown clone

dazed, senseless, confused

living? not living, simply existing

mindlessly waking up for no reason in paticular

and moving through out my day

mechanical, robotic, automatic

they try and fix me

futile their efforts, they will never know

while pondering the pills, group therapies, and psychiatrists

when I just need to be 

written, erased, re-wrote, RE-DEFINED

one more time, except

by a person named ME



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