Wife Thoughts

I remain uncuffed but still full of love for this boy

Not a man

Who won’t take my heart into his hands

And I’m not sure he deserves it

But I still have these Wife Thoughts



Of working my  ass off so we have an income but you can follow your dreams


Of your mom calling me daughter


Of having you becoming my child’s father

These thoughts don’t deserve to be thought


And these thoughts for a boy who won’t be with me

But will sleep

Watch TV with me

Come and eat with me

Tell his dreams to me


I am not your wife

Not even a girlfriend

I am just a friend


Sick and tired of these wife thoughts

Put myself under the knife thoughts

Keep me up at night thoughts

Planning out my life thoughts


Seeing him with another makes my heart stop

….Yet I still keep having

These Wife Thoughts


I don’t think I’ll ever

Stop wondering

If you think about me

Like I think about you


Please think about me

Or else I’m wasting my time

With these fucking wife thoughts




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Powerful poem!

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