The widow; and five children


Her tears were almost as rare as her smile

Her world of color was stricken with black

Her eyes crept with tears as they did

     A tactful guile

As her face she hid

But each time in the corner

Peeped the little one's glance 

A black ballerina with a paralyzed dance

            The pain of a woman living with no pulse,

            Shall we call it living or call it something else?

 She lived to die, to see him once more

     But there were children she needed to be there for

 So she forged a heart,

     And she forged it well

But the children knew, and each one could tell 

Shutting their eyes to no longer see 

The sight of their mother

      Gone in vacancy 

And so she painted a smile

      Every day one more

And in herself she started a war

She would hide the blues with a mask of red

Each day perfected, her disguise she wed

She worked hours on end

     Every day

     And every night

And it numbed her of feeling

And it blind her of sight 

It was easy to be stone and live "strong" and stay sturdy 

     It was easy

     In no sense of the word 

The lives of her children forced her to live 

She taught them to be selfless and to others forgive 

It was better,

     She thought

For the kids as they grew 

To forget their pains and help others get through

But little did she know, as she did, they'd too

Become the empty being that they only knew


She was heartless, in its most literal form 

     When he died, from her chest it was torn

Yet she loved her children, ever so dear 

But she could not show them

     Because her heart 

     It was not here

No matter what she did or how hard she tried

She could no longer show that same love once he died 

And so she set the world in each of their hands 

     So they could feel the warm waters

     And the trickling sands 

And for that moment

     That temporary time

She gave them a home and a peace of mind 

It was the world they need not,

      But a mother and a friend 

She gave them everything

In hopes their hearts she'd mend 

 But as it would fade the truth would become known 

 The children and mother were desperately alone

She needed her heart

     That her husband, he kept

They needed their mother 

     For her love they wept

As hard as it was

     Four children each did the same

They forgave their mother, for she was not to blame  


Slowly his pulse faded and the sound soon hollowed 

     When he passed away

     It was as if she followed

Left to be,

     A child apart 

Felt one young beating heart...









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