Wide Open

When the wind blew through the September skyline,

With the grass seemingly floating- soft and golden-

I could have sworn that I saw you.

Wonderful you, sitting underneath the willow

Your hands wide open.


I was six years old again.

Running to you and loving you in that beautifully simplistic childish way

The euphoria lasted a few moments until I became terrified of losing you

Hurried, rushed, movements as I tried to gallop across too much space in too little time

I reached and grasped at open air-


Then you were there.

Holding me and loving me in that beautifully simplistic grandfather way

And all the while you kept your hands wide open

Even when I brought you weeds instead of flowers

Even when I broke the stunning goblet that was our life together

Or when I yelled at you for nothing

Even when I ran away

When I cried at everything

You kept your hands wide open


I blinked.

The dazzling sun telling a much different story.

I allowed my eyes to become wide open.



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