Wicked Can't Win

Who am I -

today I can answer that question.

I was destroyed,

I was shattered,

 into infinitely many pieces,

I was broken,

I was dark.

I lost all hope, happiness

and I couldn't escape the voices in my head .

I wanted them gone

but I didn't know how to run,

I couldn't fly,

I couldn't flee.

Then I found a light,

I followed the light,

the light at the end of the long, scary tunnel.

It took me a while, but I got there -

to the other side,

to the side where the flowers bloomed

and the sun shone,

to the side that didn't allow wicked to win,

to the side where things were jubilant,

and I learned.

I learned that life is hard,

that life will chew you up and spit you back out.

I learned that life will make you trip,

that life will make you fall on your face,

and that life will do whatever it can to keep you pinned to the floor,

but i also learned about the light.

The light that shines bright between all the evil,

the light that reminds you it's not over,

the light that lets you know wicked can't win.

Today I am complete,

I am whole,

I am fixed,

 I am golden,

I am the light.


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Our world
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