Why We Should Serve

As the breezes sweep your lonely gravesites

And the stars twinkle down from above

Know that you died for us that fateful night

And you hold America’s love. 


As the full moon shines from high above

And the heavens are dark like a cape

Know that in giving your lives, you’ll be in the archives

And be carried upon a white dove. 


As your family and friends weep for your lost lives

And the earth mourns your loss as well

Know that what you fought for thrives, and your teammates survived

As the years pass, your admirers swell. 


As your memory fades and turns to a silver star

And no one remembers your name

You are still in my heart, never far apart

And you earned that little bit of fame. 


As the fog sweeps in like a lost dove’s wing

And the clouds break apart like cotton

Know that the tall grasses sway, filled with loss from that day

You will never be forgotten.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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