Why suicide

I know your sick of it

and in your mind your cussing out everybody

that keeps trying to pull you out of your hole

that you dug and, think your tombstone should go in

but so many people are asking where are you going

your fading out of your loved ones lives so slowly

leaving them mourning

like an avalanche your absence is flooring them

you are not a burden

so why do you want to be a statistic

you are not a number

so wake up from your numbness

becuase on the road your headed

get ready for bloody feet

and never feeling warm no matter the number of sheets

your under

but the other side is so visually stunning

maybe you could even smile a bit more often, but

that bullet ain’t the ending

your worthy of

maybe your going down in flames

but like a phoenix you could rise from the ash stained grave

born again redeemed

immune to societies schemes

just know if I can thaw the ice cold veins

in my own soul

you could rise from ashes with a brand new testimony

with a purpose, don’t you get it

you are worth every struggle and made it through every argument

those barriers were not made to make you weaker

but stronger

but still you struggle with these boulders

emotional roller coaster

your only move that the deck keeps handing you is folding

I know what it feels like,

I’m gazing into my own eyes saying this poem out loud

with a twentytwo to my right

fighting off taking a short cut to that other side

I’m running out of time

I refuse to become a zombie to this wanna be

utopian society

I’m searching for something greater

before these demon’s whispers turn me into a slayer

the only place I have to turn to is prayer

so father I’m praying

do you hear me we need you

this society is killing us

but giving up isn’t an option

so give me a different perception I’m looking for some optics

make me believe serving you is the reason behind living

because the main audience these lyrics are pointed towards is me

I’m begging you let me be free

and let any body who sees this be free

instead of becoming part of the 38,000

who made the decision of death over redemtion

I think of the lives and it sickens me

to know all the families saddened by all the trategies

so please if your reading this those chains will rust away

but your soul is and always will be here to stay

but for now I just hope that the person you see in the mirror

smiles back and in your mind you will know eventually you will be ok

This poem is about: 
My community


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