Why Poetry?

How does one express the very words that are written within the shadows of their chest? Hidden away are the very things I’ve never been brave enough to say. Most times I only spoke with a timid whisper, so when this beautiful art came about, I realized that maybe I could choose to shout. Not to suppress the thoughts swirling from the pressures of this world, but to stand and hold a person’s attention of these words that I value as pearled. 


What if for a moment I didn’t fear, but decided to speak up loud and clear. Putting together a sonnet that holds a glory, only to reveal just a bit of my composed story. Forming the lines to what may seem like quiet lyrics, only to show that this was the contents of my ferocious spirit. Presenting forth a gift that was intended to be shared, but only if I choose, only if I dared. 


Poetry has become my verbal craft, I was out at sea drowning when this art threw me a life raft. It was this rhythmic spark that opened up the words in my fearful heart. Pulled out of a dark place, it was then that I no longer felt trapped in a confined space. I could be heard, because for once these were my words.

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