Why Not More Emphasis on Learing Than On Sports In Education?


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When did the importance of learning go away?  The impact of sports on society is here today.  Sports' effect on education is here to stay.  No longer can one just study to get ahead.  Now, with sports as an athlete you can knock them dead. In the past, learning and books were the way to college.  Today, be a great athlete, you don't need knowledge!  I think the better way should be (like in the past) learning from books is the way to knowledge.  Having the skills of an athlete shouldn't be the mode to gain an edge.  Traditional leaning should be re-instated.  To be an athlete should go back to be under-stated.  I'm not athletic.  I shouldn't have to be - it's pathetic.  We all are who we are and that's ok.  But, more emphasis on learning from books should be the way!



I agree education is the key! I hate most sports because of what you've mentioned in the poem. Answer this, why are most atheletes making more money than social workers, police officers, EMT's, paramadics, teachers, day care workers etc.? Society shows who they root for by the wages their willing to pay people in these professions.

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