Thu, 05/21/2020 - 14:35 -- Baya

Haha, well guess who is listening to sad songs while typing this? I am :) not that I’m SAD or anything… I’m just really hating all of this time that I have to myself to think. You know, your mind really can kill you if you let it. I hate it. Why do we even need to feel sad? Isn’t this generation bad enough as it is? I mean like no one is actually ready. I mean ready for love, but let me tell you, I am. I thought someone else was too, turns out he was not, which I respect him 100% for that, but he really seemed like he was. So then I allowed myself to fall for him, while he was unsure. Again, I don’t mind, but it really hurt me. I’m not so sure that it hurt him at all, which I hope it hadn’t, because he is a really good person, and that is part of the reason of why I can’t seem to let go. If he was a jerk, and selfish, and rude to me, then I think I could’ve let go easily, because instead of continuing to love him, I’d hate him. But that is not the case. I love him because he’s so good, he’s innocent and amazing and he’s kind and compassionate, and he has the awesome ability to make me laugh even when I was determined to not let anyone make me smile or laugh. Although I believe he’s scared to let anyone get close to him emotionally, he’s afraid to open up and he is scared of being judged if he opens up. He’s scared to trust someone with personal things about him, and I think he doesn’t even know that. I’ve tried to show him in ways that he in fact can trust me with anything, and he has opened up, but not very much, and I really want to help him, I want him to let down his walls when he’s with me, but I too, have struggles with that as well. But that is why I understand and know that I have to be gentle with him and take it slowly, building up trust and never breaking it. I have hope for him, and I won’t stop having hope because I love him so much to the point where I don’t think I’ll forget him throughout my next relationships. He is someone who doesn’t deserve to get hurt, because his soul is pure and it’s real.  And I don’t know how to let him know that, but at the same time I do know how. Anyways my point being, no matter how many times someone pushes you away after a relationship, never stop letting them know that you care about them deeply, but you have to actually mean it. My other point is that my generation, there is rarely anyone who is real. I am one of the few and I don’t say that to boast, I say that because people need to realize how messed up everyone has become. I don’t want to one day have a daughter of my own, then for her to come home one day only to have heart broken because of empty promises; which are essentially lies. These days, love means nothing to anyone, but to me it means wonderful things and at the same time also hardships that two people get over, together. I know I am still just a teen, and in three years time, an adult, but for my mind to be this young and feel this way at this age and to be able to recognize this, is sad. Share this if you agree or share it because you know that you’re like me, or just share it because you want to. Take a screenshot or take a picture, send it to someone, share it on your stories, just share it because everyone needs to wake up and realize how messed people have become, don't be afraid to share. 

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