Why Love....

Why do we act like spies if we're just going to cry and stay

Why do we let them lie and it all just go away

Why do we get stepped on, kept on getting played 

Why do we depend on god to help us when we pray
Why does her emotions change up on me every hour
Why did I allow this girl in and gave her this much power
Why when I wanna give up on her I act like a coward
Maybe because instead of my future I see it as ours
Why do I sit here and KNOW this is her game
Why do I let her call me irritating and lame
Why do I only sit here and wonder why it's changed
Why dont I leave but instead I just pout and complain
Why do I burden others by telling them the story
Why do they tell me to leave because they care for me
Why do I not take their advice when it's what I seek
Why am I so weak?!
Why is this relationship so hard to understand
Why can't I go along with these break up plans?
Why can't I speak my mind like a man
Who's had enough of this love I cannot STAND
Why...why do I force her to wanna be with me
Why do I do everything for her to feel sympathy
 Why do I allow myself to fear she's going to leave
Why am I so smart and with love I've become so naive 
Why love why
Why do you make me wanna try
When I just want this love to die
Why does this poem make me cry.


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