why is life the way

why is life the way it is?

I wake up everymorning expecting, doing, partaking, in the same actions

There seems to be a routine in our minds.

But, in reality routine is dangerous. 

What will we do when we're thrown a differnt path?

Well I guess no one will serously know the answer that 

until the experince it personally.

Whether it be death, pandemic, break up, or tragedy

we wont know.

Reality is relative.

People think normal is to want to mimmic the powerhouses we're influenced by everyday

But normal is what we make it.

it's a choice of society, not the origin.

I hope the people will come to see this notion in time.

I want the world to smile 

it will never be easy to even get a whole town to be joyful let alone the world,

but why is that?

Normality? Sameness? Reality. That's what you're told answer.

but who said it has to be that way?

God did not create this world with rasicm and hunger.

God created it with beauty and that's what people should be looking for.

The man-made issues aren't able to be reversed but resolved.

the cause is humans and life is temprary 

Do the people at the top want us to know all that though

without conflict they wouldnt be able to make their media interesting, right?

But without conflict we wouldn't know peace. 

It's the religion and politics and borders that divide us but why did we let that to happen?

Because one person was selfish, once in the beginning, and set off a now never ending domino effect that we call normal

Life could be something beautiful if we as a whole allowed it to be.

Know what is true and live by it : ) 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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