Why is Life so Awesome??

Why is life so awesome?

Maybe it's because Life is full of mysteries that are unknown to us

Or maybe it's because death is the only thing that is guaranteed.

You work so hard to achieve something that you believe

will give you happiness but through the process it causes you

nothing but misery and in some cases misfortune.

Life is awesome because even though there are moments where it will

be easier to throw in the towel, Life always gives you a reason

to stay and win the fight. Life is awesome because

although some believe the world is against them 99 percent of

the time, Life offers that one percent that they hope for.

Life is the sun that makes the day brighter and the guarantee that

the next day will be different. Life has so many reasons for being

awesome that most people have not even realized what they are yet.

They fail to realize there is no right reason but what is their reason

For me Life is awesome because it gives me the brightest days of all,

the days I can see my grandma.

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My family
Our world
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