Why I'll Leave for College

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 11:05 -- Poto97

To most people, I would simply say, "the weather"

Living in Sparks, Nevada, it is likely that, at one point,

You'll experience all four seasons in one day

And being as skinny as I am, the cold is not good.


To others, I might say, "new experiences"

I want fresh eyes to look through

And new adventures to have

But that's not the whole truth either. 


Here it is. The real reason:


Living here has had its ups and down

But there is simply too much history


My memories are like the night sky

The good ones shine like the North Star

And help guide me through

The crashing waves of time


However, the dark ones are always there

Constantly threatening to crush me

As soon as I'm not looking

That's why I want, no NEED, to leave. 

My night sky needs to give way to dawn.


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