Why I Write Poetry


I don't know where I'm going

or what I'm doing with my life

while others have everything planned

I still can't make up my mind


I don't know who I am 

I change faster than the time

there are so many options

but I let them pass me by


Singing is my passion

music is my life

but I need somethng more practical

reality has sucked me dry


I try to picture my future

the same image appears every time

I'm up on stage singing

hear the music, see the spotlight


the dreaming needs to end now

there is no time to play

though singing is my passion

it needs to fade away


I'm not a little girl anymore

the time for dreams has gone

it's time to grow up now

starting college next fall


how am I going to make it

if music is my destiny

because a major thats in music

will make it harder to succeed 


I can always try to make it

in the music industry

but for now it's time for college

maybe major in psycology


if music doesnt happen

I need something to fall back on

so if my dreams get buried

I can still make it on my own


I will never give up hope 

that one day i'll make it big

but for now I need to settle down

and thats ok, I'm still a kid


I dont know who I am

and perhaps thats ok

I'm learning more about myself

thats why I write poetry



I had the same problem!

Have you looked into being a Music Therapy Major?

(Music+ Practicality= Perfection)

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