Why I Write

Writing is my way to escape reality ..
I just do not fit within society.
Writing is what keeps from me harming myself from the wretchedness on the inside..
Everyone knows I am emotional on the outside but no one knows what goes on through my enigmatical mind, how much I yearn to leave and be at peace by the Lord's side.
Writing is my happiness, my anger, and mostly pain within me..
It soothes me, comforts me, so I do not lose my sanity.
Writing is my mentality of when I am older, thoughts of wander, tribulations of when I was younger, and unresolved misfortunes..
My mind is just peculiar, it's a chaotic joy of wonder.
Writing is where I can be me without the judging or manipulation of others thinking I'm crazy..
I do not have to be ashamed of being an emotionally being.
Writing is my place of escaping the problems I am facing ...
It comforts me , it's my ventilation that eases my mind justly.
Writing is my creativity, the gift the lord gave to me, my type of meditation when life starts rearranging, changing and how life is transitioning me..
Sometimes I do not like walking into new seasons without reasons, I need someway to question the confusion.
Writing is what defines my individuality, what exudes on the inside and out..
I am just a deep , rare specimen.
Writing is when my soul wants to speak, be free, when the ego is yearning to take control of me,disclosing my mind, filling it with negativity from being the real me..
My ego sometimes gets in the way of what I really want to say.
Writing is where I can feel everything deeply, release my emotions freely ..
I can be all in my feelings without hearing the grunts and sighs. Pestering human beings.
Writing is my relief of emotional things when things begin to get to hectic and too heavy to bury ..

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