Why I Write



I don't write for me

I write for people who are just like me

Waiting on the day that we could leave this world behind and be free

Late at night, I'm on my knees screaming God please

Take away this baggage thats holding me


Back from all my dreams

Back from all my aspirations

Haters want me to think they are a fairy tell like getting powers from gamma radiation

Hush, I hear a sound of a nation

So I keep writing

Hush, living in a city full of danger

So I keep writing

Hush, seems like the art of love is no where to be found like pagers nowadays

But I still keep writing

Trying to make a name for myself that people can't contest

Hopefully nothing more ridiculous than a baby named NorthWest

But as I put this to a rest

I pray to God he gives me his best

Because through all the trials and test

My writings are blessed to bless

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