Why I Write

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 20:27 -- Dee33


United States
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(poems go here) Why I do I write?
I write because my heart burns.
My heart burns as I try to survive,
My heart burns as I live from day to day.
As I stand for myself and those around,
I know I need to stop the burning in my heart.

Problems flow over me like a waterfall,
My pen and paper become my umbrella.
My pen and paper become a sword,
To fight my dragons and demons.
They become my lifeline to sanity,
And my escape from this world.

I write because words shared verbally,
Can create issues and conflict.
Words shared verbally,
Can lead you to lands too far to return.
So I write instead.
I write for myself,
To keep me tethered to earth.

I write to run away,
A pen and paper become my magic carpet.
I fly far away where pain cannot touch me.
So far that others cannot find me,
Cannot touch me.
Other people are why I write,
They drive me up wall,
They drive me to the brink,
Where all I want to do is run.
I want to run away sometimes.
But my pen and paper keep in check.
They keep me present, here and sane.

I write because life wants me dead,
My pen and paper want me alive.


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