Why I speak

A challenge, an opportunity, a pulpit, a stage, a circle, a street corner.

Speak your mind, and let the world know what is on your heart

And so I speak, I share my life, I open up

In hopes that those I speak to would do the same

So that I am not simply talking AT a stranger

but talking TO a friend

So that I can love and be loved

So that I can listen and learn from all

Speak not to be heard, but to be understood

Why else were we given the gift of speech

but to interact with one another?

To share in the search for truth, love, and joy

To come alongside our neighbors as they walk through life

So I won't just talk but I won't shut up

because I know that to do either is a waste

When I should be speaking, sharing, teaching, learning, loving, and listening

with those who have been given this same gift




This poem is about building relationships with people and about sharing who we are with them, so many things in life are difficult because we don't do this. Showing people who we are and loving people for who they are can change the world. Don't keep yourself seperate from the world share who you are and what is important to you, what you think, feel, know, see, believe, all of it can help those around you. It breaks my heart when people shut everyone out.

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