Why I Love You

Why I love you

I asked myself

So many times that

I've lost count

Why I love you

Because you are

A man who loves me

And wants to stay with me

Not just for a short while

Why I love you

Because you let me be me

You don't only approve

Of the side that pleases you

But you take all sides of me

Why I love you

Because despite all my quirks

You still find me cute

You still love my person

When I'm sweet and pretty

Or when I'm a teary mess

Why I love you

Because you make my heart

Jump and do funny squeezes

No one else could do that

Why I love you

I ask myself again

It's not just one reason

But a multitude of feelings.

Love, you are not faultless

And I am not flawless

But it feels so much better

When you and I are together

Being single has much freedom

But being with you is a kingdom


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