Why I Live

Several years ago I lost

A part of me, Long gone

Across the sea as her dust

Floats in the summer breeze,

Now who do I believe, For

I was young and inexperienced

Knocking loudly on love's door,

But no one was hearing it, so

I'd shame myself away in silence

Not trying to express expulsive

Violence to those who knew little

Of how I felt therefore I was expulsive,

Years past as I could only asorb happiness

For the moment, but through my smile

There's despair, humiliation, and fear,

It wasnt until I reached High School

That the perfect girl entered my life,

Only bad part is it was computer

Love for awhile so times where I wanted

To physically reach out to her soul, i couldnt

Find the heart to let her know how quickly I grew

Love for her, then i grew doubts of how she's

Another girl, but she stcuk around

Talking and laughing with me countless hours

Of the day and once the relationship grew,

I thanked God for sending me an angel

And prayed he allow me to have eternal love

With her... She found love elsewhere,

My heart tarnished broken and my depression

Caved in deeper in my spirit, I started to doubt 

Myself once more.. Was life a gift or given chore?

To my consternation she still found interest in me,

At every given moment she was willing to talk and 

I eagerly listened which expanded my heart even more,

Yet she was still in love and I faced the mere fact 

It will not change soon, but it was around Christmas

That I finally got a chance to see her, giving her a butterfly

Necklace that I wrapped around her neck after I proposed

It to her.. To see her smile was a peace of heaven.. She

Continued to love but my patience had given so I threw

In the towel, but as I gave up her relationship had salvaged

There was I to her rescue to comfort her and tell her to follow her

Heart, in which she did by finding me through

An everlasting friendship.. After a cold and cruel summer

She returned to me with open arms as well as I did

For her, from that point we connected and fell in love...

I cant and will not tell you everything, every relationship

Has its setbacks, but when the rain hits you cannot fall,

You must rise and better yourself before you can better

Others, through a time we thought we lost each other,

I dragged my broken body and soul through hell,

God gave me back the gift I felt I never get back

That is her beautiful special heart.. I will never

Stop loving her....


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