Why I Dream So Big

"You dream too big," They tell me,

"You come from a town too small to be anything."

About one thing they are right,

This small town, these Southern parts, will never contain my hungry heart,

But the other part, they are wrong.

I do not dream too big,

I just believe that living is more than simply existing.

Throughout history, every story I've ever been told,

There's a victorious underdog.

The one they think is nothing gets everything,

The girl in the wheelchair gets her Prince Charming.

A motivational speaker once told a story,

Of a boy, lifting weights, working out constantly,

So he could be Prince Charming,

Dance with the girl of his dreams, in a wheelchair,

At prom in the night air,

All night under the sparkling lights.

I kept hoping he was right,

That my prince was in plain sight,

And he would show up at prom. 

I was wrong, I went to prom alone,

But that doesn't stop me from believing,

In him, my prince, who does not yet exist.

For though he's not here right now,

He has to be out there, somewhere........

My favorite professor I've had thus far,

Really struck the heart,

When he said "Your writing should exist for a reason."

Ever since then I've tried to make,

Every thought I think, 

Every breath I take,

Every word from my mouth,

Every word I write down,

Mean something.

I dream of books written by me,

As beautiful and profound as CS Lewis, John Green.

My readers will memorize the lines,

They will get them through hard times,

Offering hope and horizon lines.

And though the road is long and hard,

David Card,

Has proved that people in wheelchairs,

Can be doctors.

I dream of changing medicine forever,

So that others never suffer,

Or deal with disabilities,

Like me. 

I live not to simply exist,

But to make sure the human race,

Is in a better place,

Than it was before I was created.

I don't like the world, so I'm changing it.

That is why I believe,

That. Is, Why. I. Dream. 

So. Big.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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