Why I am who I am

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 22:41 -- Emileee
Why do I write, so many people ask me
As I try to respond nothing can come out
No one understands me,
No one can understand what races through my head
All they hear is broken words
That I know, no one can comprehend.

At night I can never sleep
For I only lay there empty with thoughts racing
Only to get up in the morning knowing that my words are broken
Knowing that people will never get me.

I try and try to explain everything
But I just leave people clueless of what I am saying
Why do I even try? I ask myself
Because I want people to know how I am feeling.

Why can't I express how I feel?
Why can't I tell someone about my thoughts?
Why is it so hard for me to think happy when I can't even explain what races through my head?

Is it because I never really learned how to explain it? 
Why just why can't someone see behind my eyes.
It would make my life so much easier
If people just knew how I was feeling

Writting makes me sain
And writting helps me release some of my pain
Every written or typed word
Is something I can't explain
For it is something so sweet
That for every typed or written word is smooth and never plain.

But I guess only a few will truely understand
And that's okay
Because at the end of the day I know that I can always come back to writting

That's what makes me who I am today
That writting is my only way of releasing hidden feelings
And I know that no one can complain
Because what is written down on paper can be used anyday
And can remind you who you truely are.


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