Why humans?



How some people just get to slide.

Why humans?

I want to study you

Research why we do what we do.

Might even discover something new.

Why humans?

True, this talk

Makes some peoples head throb

Few call it "My Dream Job"

Ha, I do.

Why humans?

Are we good or we bad?

Or this view even matter?

Sterotypes and perceptions 

I aim to shatter.

Why humans?

You don't know what people went through

Don't call them crazy when it's something you would do.

Millgram. Asch. Zembardo.

But go ahead and act like your life is good, though.

Why humans?

Shoutout to Mars Hill.

Now that it's a U,

We've got scholars to debut.

Some promises to fulfill

Some citizenship to instill.

Why humans?

I will not stop, that is until

Failure I will outdue.

Prove it untrue.

I got some knowledge to pursue.

And believe me,

I WILL come through.

Why humans?

Do you do what you do?

One Job, may change my life.


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