Why a girl can not ride

I danced with joy when i got scottie.
It was the best movement of my life.
My cheeks bloomed,
And i laughed endless.
On giving it a softy touch of my hand.
I felt as i was the queen of the valley.
A little far , i kept watching it for hours.
But, all of a sudden ,my face faded.
My eyes turned watery.
As no one congratulate me
Except on scottie's booklet .
That dear customer!
You have purchased the country's best scottie.
All my relatives went violent.
And my own people made me cry .
Except my parents, all other scolded me .
As i have no right to ride a scottie .
As i am a girl , that too a village .
My joy vanished,
And grief shadowed my face.
Why a girl can not ride!
Why a girl can not ride!
Why a girl can not ride!

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My community
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